8 May – 8 June 2024

NFSG Code Challenge organized exclusively for students

from 11th and 12th grade at National High School in Finance and Business.

By joining, you have the chance to showcase your expertise in computer science and your abilities to tackle programming tasks!

During the programming competition, participants will have the opportunity to directly solve real-world challenge, guided by mentors with extensive experience. Detailed information regarding the task will be provided to each participant. As they work on the task, participants will have the facility to submit inquiries and seek guidance from seasoned mentors who will be accessible online to offer support, guaranteeing that participants can leverage their expertise.

Objectives of the Competition:

  • To provide an opportunity for high school students to demonstrate their knowledge and skills in programming.
  • To motivate students and their teachers to improve the quality of vocational and specialized programming training.
  • To encourage students to continue their education at a higher education institution.

To join the challenge submit your details below: