Successful completion of JAVA Training Academy 2023

We are proud to announce the successful completion of our Java Training Academy!


We created the academy intending to provide talented young individuals the opportunity to enhance their knowledge and develop both their personal and professional skills. From day one, they began to delve deeply into the world of Java, encountering interesting challenges and practical projects.

Participants not only mastered the technical aspects of programming but also developed their critical thinking, problem-solving skills, communication skills, and most importantly – teamwork. Our goal was to create an environment where young talents could apply and accumulate knowledge while nurturing their interest in programming and developing innovative solutions. The curriculum successfully combined theoretical knowledge with practical tasks, and participants developed new skills that meet the real needs of businesses.

The dedication of our mentors at Methodia played a key role in the success of the participants, as they shared their experiences and answered every question that arose.

The academy concluded with a practical exam and interview, and participants who demonstrated the highest results were offered internship positions at Methodia.

Having laid a solid foundation of knowledge and practical experience, we believe that the graduates of the academy possess the qualities and skills necessary to continue advancing in their careers.

Our entire team congratulates the graduates of the Java Training Academy for their achievements, and we are extremely proud and happy to be part of their journey!

Methodia Java Students